Franklin Portrait

Finished – The Brothers

These portraits of brothers, Edward and Franklin are finished and off to their new home. The pictures capture the different personalities of these lovely boys and were challenging, but fun to paint. Watercolour and gouache on clayboard, 8 x 8 inches (unframed).


The parents of these young children decided to give each other a portrait each this Christmas. Elias and Leonardo are such gorgeous children and were a pleasure to capture. Leonardo is full of energy and is the centre of rapt attention from his young brother. Watercolour and gouache on claybord, 8 x 8 inches.


Trying out a different style for this pic of sisters. I love the protective arm around the shoulder and “don’t mess with me” tilt of the head. The lollipop sticks just add to the tough girl vibe. This is a pastel over acrylic gouache under painting 8 x 11 inches. Reference photo supplied by G. …