About the Artist

I am a visual artist located in Bassendean, Western Australia near the Swan River, and a few minutes from the Darling Ranges.

My work is representational.  I primarily work in watercolour on paper or kaolin clay boards and pastel on sanded paper. I am a self-taught artist, but I have gained valuable insights from a considerable range of artists via tutorials, books and workshops.

I have always worked with my hands. I learned sewing and knitting from my mother, and was fortunate to attend a public high school in a working class area which offered the fundamentals of a range of technical and manual skills including; photography, technical drawing, jewellery making, plastics and woodwork. These fields all allowed me to practice observing, drawing, design and manipulation of materials. I have formal training as a public health scientist, and I bring the skills of repeated close observation, patience, and a love of the natural world, particularly on an individual and microscopic level, to my art practice. The practice of art and creating visual beauty and a hint of the inner life of a subject, and the ability to embrace the subjective gives me great satisfaction. I love to see the pleasure and joy my work can bring to others.